• 5300 sq foot corner building located at 653 S. Anderson St

  • 2 minutes from the Downtown LA Arts District.

  • Large windows, high vaulted ceilings, lots of natural light.

  • Front and rear entrances with a 8x10 large loading door.

  • 2 bathrooms (can put more outside for events)

  • Large kitchen and snack bar area

  • private rooms available

  • Street parking with no restrictions


The Town Square is the heart of our city.  It features a 360 degree lavishly painted town set with balconies and windows. Behind the doors of the buildings are untold wonders!  Some of which can be rented and transformed into private VIP areas, green rooms, immersive experience containers, storefronts etc... 

  • 2 sided bar service window

  • Large kitchen

  • Couches and lounge nooks

  • Themed Bathrooms

  • Private zones

  • Castle loft

  • Lighting rails

  • Balloon drop

A separate wide open studio space with modular components and equipment to create new worlds!


  • Cyclorama corner 20x20x12 foot high

  • Lighting grid

  • Steel deck Staging

  • Rentable lighting and grip equipment

  • Sprung dance & mirrors (32X20)

  • 2 ariel performance points (19ft and 16ft)

  • Multiple wall flats to create sets

  • Natural light from two 7x9 windows

  • Outdoor patio

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